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We work with hand picked coaches, hosts and experts along with our retreat founders two decades of expertise leading wellness and fitness travel . We create exclusive getaways focused on transformation and results.  
Yes we love being outdoors in the wild creating a healthy fit lifestyle. We've turned our passion into getaways that inspire and bring back the focus on body movement for healthy brain chemistry = total lifestyle transformation. We want to create diversity,and innovation in our healthy daily schedules. And we want you with us!

Why have only one or two real tools in your lifestyle arsenal, when you can have our retreat coaching extensions and coaches on speed dial? Continue your retreat with ongoing wellness.

Meet Your Retreat Coches. Bespoke Wild Adventure Retreats with Master Workshops and Guest Speakers

Meet our coaches at upcoming retreats or inquire about booking with them for one on one sessions directly below. 

We believe in lifestyle design and transformation, and that includes holistic wellness. Emotional health influences your well-being and your mind-body connection increases your flow.  Our coaches and hosts provide support in the neuro-physiology connections of our human chemistry. Just like our retreats transform, so can you! Who says you can't have things the way you want? Die living, rather than living not alive!

Our virtual coaching sessions can be booked on demand, and scheduled directly with your coach.  This extended retreat offer is perfect for continuing your hard work at any retreat, and getting the real support your need anywhere you are.  The value of creating your story of triumph and success is priceless. 

John Kim

John Kim, also known as The Angry Therapist has created a lifestyle brand and collective of therapists that is about the common human experiences. He is an experienced and sought after speaker, TedX star, successful author with a path that has led him to become a pioneer in the field of self help, re-branding from stigmatized to sexy. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker, a teacher, and a raw, unique voice that resonates in deep places with all whose path he crosses. Instead of a therapist, he likes to think of himself as a lifestyle designer. 

John will be an integral piece of Wild Adventures Bali as a featured guest speaker, with break through group sessions, presentations and one on one coaching around creating your personal "container", giving back what is not yours, and shifting your goals. Teaching Transformation with "Containers", Psuedo Vs. Solid, Unlock Your Code & Attract or Chase Mentality, plus one on one sessions and his best selling book 'The No B.S. Guide to Finding & Living Your Own Truth!

Lance Allred

Lance Allred, lives to create the new Alpha Male, changing destructive patterns, tapping into feminine, dropping shame and eliciting change. Lance started his career with the NBA as the first deaf player in history and went on to become a best-selling author and keynote speaker with his 5 Principles of Perseverance, Lions & Leaders, Lethal Teams and more. He transforms people with his coaching and online courses in grit, success and discipline.

He is the founder and CEO of LanceAllred41.com a coaching and consulting company that delivers on change and turn around. He’s created a landmark community where he guides you with coaching, retreats or your own TEDx talk.

Lance offers a bonus at Wild Adventures Bali with curated life readings about your personal triggers that may be keeping you from your mission. He joins us for a bonus presentation to help you create your Alpha.Teaching Personal Empowerment Coaching, Lethal Teams & Spiritual/Holistic Readings, plus one on one sessions.

Liz Galloway

Liz Galloway is an adventure and travel writer, with a lust for adrenaline. She changes her hats as a writer, wellness instructor, consultant, yogi, outdoor ambassador, retreat host, outdoor adventure provider, and media PR curator, depending on the day. It's good to have choices. She is one part entrepreneur, two parts adrenaline junkie, and three parts adventure traveler. Too many parts?

With a background in Business & Hospitality she writes and speaks about reconnecting through discovery, interpersonal relationships, publicity, travel and creating meaning with adventure. With a varied background both internationally and nationally she has worked with CEO's, start up's, and soloprenuers from the uber serious corporate world, to barefoot-running desert dwellers, and gets the to heart of each personal story to create transformation.

Liz has been featured as a speaker at several trade shows, interviewed on womenprenuer, adventure and event podcasts, has been the host of local morning TV shows, and is sought as an author for several travel, wellness, and women's magazines for her writing and visual thinking. When not working with clients you can find her traveling to remote locations to connect with more amazing retreat partners.

Lexie Dorn

Lexie Dorn is a full-time Adventure Travel Guide, and part-time Life Coach and Personal Trainer. Inspired by real people, real conversations, and real-time experiences.  She believes that there is no single definition for how to live and believe that we should all be encouraged to take more risks beyond our comfort zones. 

 She has spent her life building it around what she loves most: travel, fitness, people, and the great outdoors. From backpacking solo through other countries to sitting behind a desk with a very intact routine and working as a fitness instructor on the weekends, she now exist somewhere in the middle with balancing between both worlds of adventure and routine. A great variation.  
She is focused on coaching from a wellness perspective and helping others create a healthy, fulfilling life in all the inside-out, across all aspects of life. Lexie learned that "self-care" means taking inventory of what's truly going on underneath the surface and learning how to confront it with open arms. She has led outdoor-coaching workshops and coached individuals one-on-one, both in-person and online. 
 She enjoys really love to get to know her coaching clients beyond the resume. She wants to know what lights you up, what brings you down, what makes you feel vulnerable and what you actually want your life to look like, not what you think it should look like.
Work with her in one on one coaching sessions to target your mind-body connections and transform to your goal targeted lifestyle. 

Ty Sparviero

One of Hollywood’s most prominent and sought-after human behavior specialist and strength coach, Ty Vincent is known for his expertise in health and wellness training and
his commitment to developing and implementing innovative life changing techniques for both mind and body.

That's where his coaching style blends with motivating and matching you with your mind - body connection and personal transformation. With a background in medicine and more than 20 years of experience in the health and
wellness industry, Ty has the well-rounded skill set necessary to ensure that everyone on his diverse client list achieves long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts and mind-body connection. Between his vast experience, his boundless energy, his cheeky sense of humor, and his “accept-no-excuses” attitude, Ty’s coaching style attracts everyone from stay-at-home parents and business executives to professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

He works with each client extensively on an individual basis in order to determine the exact course of action to become the best possible version of yourself.

Ty has been featured as a human behavior specialist and fitness expert by a number of magazines, such as Health, The Manual, and The Hollywood Reporter, and by various broadcast media outlets, such as E! News, KCAL 9 CBS News, and MetCon Radio. Men’s Journal ranked his MetConFX Program as one of the best 25 workouts in America.

Book a one on coaching session or 5 session package to pursue your next level.

Cynthia McPhie

Cynthia McPhie is a highly sought certified yoga trainer, and private class instructor at Core Power Yoga and Cynni & Co. She has a large following of yogis that seek her one on one attention on form and body sculpting results. A trainer who will give you a killer workout whether you're a newbie or pro, and she'll do it with some good beats and a smile! Creating inter-changeable sweat drenching workouts, she will be guiding your daily practice to shape your body and soul. She is highly trained, focused and creative making her workout's, her yoga, and her energy, contagious.

Creating a positive body-mind experience for you at Wild Adventure Bali, you'll be looking forward to Cynthia's daily session's and captivated by her empowering attitude.Teaching Daily Core Power Yoga, C1, C2 & restore.

Adrienne Galloway

Adrienne Galloway is a nationally recognized wellness coach, celebrity fit trainer and motivator, who is also proudly 54, with no stopping on the horizon. One of her top passions in life is staying in top physical health and tailoring her coaching to a variety of demographics for results. She runs AG Fit to keep up with her clients, the Fifty+ Fit & Fabulous Club and the Fat2Fit program to guide people through nutritional and strength training techniques. She has a background in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Maryland and is a former military fitness trainer with the U.S. Marines. She is here to help you feel empowered and start your personal journey to new healthy behaviors for mental and physical wholeness. 

  Joining Wild Adventure Bali for a well rounded fitness itinerary you'll be able to work with her in a group setting on site. A perfect fit to engage the body and focus on the mind.Teaching "Fit4" - Fit (Physical) Fast (Mental) & Flexible (Spiritual) daily fitness sessions and empowerment daily.

Connect with this influencer or work with her virtual fitness coaching.

Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen is a wanderluster, marketer & storyteller who lives life through the lens of curiosity. Just a few years ago she used to live life through a series of "norms," subscribing to a series of societal "shoulds" & external expectations that others had of her. Then an unexpected major life event shook her, challenged her resilience and left her with what felt like an unsurmountable sadness. As she reflected upon the pain she had to wade through, and look in the mirror to ask myself if she was truly living a life that aligned with a purpose that set her soul on fire. Through self-work, therapy & coaching, she used my pain as the fuel to help re-introduce herself to her true soul. 

Her coaching is visceral and focuses on heart-led compassion, creativity & candor. Expect moments of laughter, endless curiosity & accountability as you work together to break through boundaries and create new goals. 

Joyce focuses on purpose & calling (personal or career), empowerment (self-confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs), and expired relationship recovery (long term relationships, divorce for millennials).

Schedule a one on one session to start your new life discoveries. 

Mallorie Wilson

Mallorie Wilson is a former college athlete that skated by in life from the beginning; She was a master at doing the absolute minimum. She didn't recognize that life just happening to me until she woke up one day comfortably in her 30s, but still looking at the same To-Do list from my 20s.  Fed up with herself, her excuses, and her fears she decided on change. She believes some days we get it right and other we fall totally flat on our face. The most important part is making one decision at a time and taking control of your life.

Carin Kilby Clark

Carin Kilby Clark 

Carin Kilby Clark, MBA is a devoted mother, writer, and happy activist who is on a mission to help people thrive in life. Her work in the lifestyle design industry has included the Amazon bestseller, Time Management Made Easy for Busy Moms, the forthcoming book Thrive on Purpose, and her popular blog The Mommyhood Mentor®. She’s been featured on the topic of Mom Life in over 230 major media sites, such as ABC, Global Newsweek, CBS, Fox News, Los Angeles Business, NBC, CW, Reuters, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, and How To Learn. Carin is the founder of Time to Thrive™  a lifestyle brand for entrepreneurial women to create the life they love. 
Carin will work with you to  facilitate a mind-body connection with greater awareness of how the body reacts to anxiety, stress, and fear. She also supports you in optimizing your behavior so you can make lasting changes to your habits, achieve new goals, and finally get the results you want in life and business/career.

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