The All-Inclusive Bali Immersion Experience

Tame your adventures, goals, and the outdoors while leaving your own wild intact. This is your invitation to tap into your personal wild, and your physical self in an instinctual way. Whether you are an expert adventurer or total beginner, we've created a week long program that targets personal change. This essential retreat is curated to push your mental and physical boundaries connecting you to your inner core. Recognizing and creating the uncommon core of you.

Our Wild Adventure experience takes care of all the details. Pricing includes beautiful accommodations, in country transfers, all healthy meals, all tours, workshops with pros in lifestyle creation, influencing, business and relationship coaching, outdoor recreation, yoga and wellness, immersive and cultural experiences and our hand picked outdoor activities, all supporting the local community.

Join us in the beautiful jungles and beaches of Bali for a 7 night, 8 day all-inclusive experience. Imagine being invited to spend a week in breathtaking landscapes, with access to the spa, fitness, yoga, coaches, high profile speakers & therapists to take you through sessions to break boundaries. You're pampered with healthy cuisine, smoothies, music, cultural dinners, and a personal work book in a luxury resort. All at your fingertips. Your personal story levels up in a relaxing atmosphere curated to give you a balance of physical and mental positive living. Guided by our experienced team to overcome personal limits.

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 Wild Adventures Co-Hosts & Featured Guests 

We focus on combining physical and mental activity to raise your self awareness, balance, healthy attitudes and establish challenges that create focus. Our immersive extreme well-being is designed to rebuild your vitality. 


Do it for the burn. Do it for the challenge. Do it for yourself. We will include exercise components that push you, and influencer workshops that will shift you. Find your super power!





John Kim, also known as The Angry Therapist has created a lifestyle brand and collective of therapists that is about the common human experiences. He is an experienced and sought after speaker, TedX star, successful author with a path that has led him to become a pioneer in the field of self help, re-branding from stigmatized to sexy. He is an entrepreneur, public speaker, a teacher, and a raw, unique voice that resonates in deep places with all whose path he crosses. Instead of a therapist, he likes to think of himself as a lifestyle designer. 


John will be an integral piece of Wild Adventures Bali as a featured guest speaker, with break through group sessions, presentations and one on one coaching around creating your personal "container", giving back what is not yours, and shifting your goals. Teaching Transformation with "Containers", Psuedo Vs. Solid, Unlock Your Code & Attract or Chase Mentality, plus one on one sessions and his new book!






Lance Allred, lives to create the new Alpha Male, changing destructive patterns, tapping into feminine, dropping shame and eliciting change. Lance started his career with the NBA as the first deaf player in history and went on to become a best-selling author and keynote speaker with his 5 Principles of Perseverance, Lions & Leaders, Lethal Teams and more. He transforms people with his coaching and online courses in grit, success and discipline.


He is the founder and CEO of a coaching and consulting company that delivers on change and turn around. He’s created a landmark community where he guides you with coaching, retreats or your own TEDx talk.

Lance offers a bonus at Wild Adventures Bali with curated life readings about your personal triggers that may be keeping you from your mission. He joins us for a bonus presentation to help you create your Alpha.Teaching Personal Empowerment Coaching, Lethal Teams & Spiritual/Holistic Readings, plus one on one sessions.




Cynthia McPhie is a highly sought certified yoga trainer, and private class instructor at Core Power Yoga and Cynni & Co. She has a large following of yogis that seek her one on one attention on form and body sculpting results. A trainer who will give you a killer workout whether you're a newbie or pro, and she'll do it with some good beats and a smile! Creating inter-changeable sweat drenching workouts, she will be guiding your daily practice to shape your body and soul. She is highly trained, focused and creative making her workout's, her yoga, and her energy, contagious.


Creating a positive body-mind experience for you at Wild Adventure Bali, you'll be looking forward to Cynthia's daily session's and captivated by her empowering attitude.Teaching Daily Core Power Yoga, C1, C2 & restore.




Adrienne Galloway is a nationally recognized wellness coach, celebrity fit trainer and motivator, who is also proudly 54, with no stopping on the horizon. One of her top passions in life is staying in top physical health and tailoring her coaching to a variety of demographics for results. She runs AG Fit to keep up with her clients, the Fifty+ Fit & Fabulous Club and the Fat2Fit program to guide people through nutritional and strength training techniques. She has a background in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Maryland and is a former military fitness trainer with the U.S. Marines. She is here to help you feel empowered and start your personal journey to new healthy behaviors for mental and physical wholeness. 

  Joining Wild Adventure Bali for a well rounded fitness itinerary you'll be able to work with her in a group setting on site. A perfect fit to engage the body and focus on the mind.Teaching "Fit4" - Fit (Physical) Fast (Mental) & Flexible (Spiritual) daily fitness sessions and empowerment daily.



Hey Adventurers, Liz here. I'm an adventure and travel writer, with a lust for adrenaline, who decided to become a survival guide, trainer and wellness ambassador. I wanted to create a getaway that I would be stoked to join and share, and bring together experts for a focused program no one else had. So, I made one with all the things I love, and I want to take you with me. This is the ultimate luxury nomad life, and it's for everyone. The perfect wellness adventure.


I'm looking forward to taking you into the wild, and providing the connection to nature. I love the outdoors, and will be on hand to add to your outdoor skills with presentations on integrating more fitness, healthier habits and more sustainable balance into your routines. Along with providing, outdoor coaching, and supporting you with optional fitness and yoga sessions with a focus on taking a personalized approach to creating your strong body and mind.  


I'm a serial entrepreneur and people connector. I change my hats as a writer, wellness instructor, consultant, outdoor ambassador, outdoor adventure provider, maritime and aviation lover, consultant and media PR curator, depending on the day. It's good to have choices. I have a degree in Business & Hospitality and many other certifications, and my life passion and purpose is creating meaning and connection with the outdoors. Making sure that others have the opportunity to immerse themselves and push their boundaries. 


 I have had a varied career, worked as a TV host, and been on various radio, TV and podcasts segments for entrepreneurs and business. I've helped others learn to get their brand seen and how to prepare for the public eye. I believe in breaking boundaries and stereotypes and am trained as a survival guide, boat captain and student helicopter pilot. Dreams are limitless. What are yours?

 My travel has connected me with people around the world, and I continue to add to my very specific set of skills. Now I advocate for a physical and mental retreat that breaks through barriers. 

 Connect with me. Let's experience a week of combined wellness, fitness, coaching, fun and culture. Across all industries when people reach their purpose, magic happens!  

  You can have success, connections, and purpose to your heart's content. You don't have to choose. Have a question?

  Are you ready? 

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  Get Ready to Shift Your World

Are you seeking authentic experiences and love to travel? Sick of the same old stuff that seems to stick around in your life like a drug resistant super virus? Time to hit reboot on your life. The outdoors and travel has become Wild Adventure Retreat founder's personal life purpose and passion, along with the experts we work with. Liz has been doing this for a decade and now wants to share it all with you. Join her Wild Adventure Wellness Quest in Bali.  


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 We are bringing together a bad ass group of adventurers, travelers, experts, influencers and people from all walks of life. This is about sharing your skills, and gaining more. This is beyond the urban safari, we've carefully curated an itinerary of adventure and results. Time to connect back to you!