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 You are looking for transformation, want an extraordinary experience in beautiful remote places with like-minded people,  and wish to learn powerful new tools that will take your personal, professional, health and yoga goals to the next level

You want beautiful modern and luxurious accommodations in a naturally stunning location. A sanctuary where you can easily unwind, but still be close enough to cultural hubs to enjoy trendy shops, fabulous restaurants and go out for some excitement when you wish on retreat downtime.
You want to feel the local culture, ceremonies and community feel of beautiful locations, while getting outdoors for white water rafting, peak hikes, beach snorkels, history walks, kit surfing, snorkeling, and temple tours, among other things. 
You want real life valuable take away's for life. Including coaching, training, fitness and work book tool kits to build your own boundary breaking life, money, relationships and careers.
You want to eat healthy, delicious food & feel more fit so you can remain health focus, increase your energy levels and feel more alive
You want expert help on refining your yoga and fitness goals or learning the basics, so you can practice with greater confidence on your own.  Plus you want to learn key, performance-enhancing lifestyle habits that will improve your health, bring balance to your relationships, and help you succeed in your work and overall lifestyle
You want meditation techniques that will allow you to find inner peace, focus your mind, unleash your creativity and open the doors to spiritual freedom  for daily life
You are traveling solo and slightly nervous about being alone in a foreign country.   Not to worry – we will help make your journey here as effortless, easy and safe as possible.  An incredible group of like minded people are here to support you.  Whether you come solo, with a friend, or as a couple, the retreat set up allows you to naturally bond with people. This is a space where life-long friendships can be made and kindness is the keyword.
You need to disconnect from the hectic pace of life, are feeling tired, lacking energy, not loving your body or current life pace, and need some serious “me” time to recharge your batteries, feel nourished by others & celebrate yourself so you can go back home feeling rejuvenated, stronger, braver, clearer and more radiant than ever.
Looking for a mind body focus with a well rounded retreat that includes something for the body, the mind, the soul, the adventure, the inner and outer nourishment, and real coaches for training and one on ones for goal breaking.



It's Time To Thrive

The Ultimate Getaway Combining Your Personal Goals

Who's ready to be here? Wellness retreats that provide the real tools and real support to transform. Value a healthy lifestyle? Grab a spot on our limited retreats and create your holistic getaway.