Lexie Dorn Coaching Session

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Lexie Dorn is a full-time Adventure Travel Guide, and part-time Life Coach and Personal Trainer. Inspired by real people, real conversations, and real-time experiences.  She believes that there is no single definition for how to live and believe that we should all be encouraged to take more risks beyond our comfort zones. 

 She has spent her life building it around what she loves most: travel, fitness, people, and the great outdoors. From backpacking solo through other countries to sitting behind a desk with a very intact routine and working as a fitness instructor on the weekends, she now exist somewhere in the middle with balancing between both worlds of adventure and routine. A great variation.  
She is focused on coaching from a wellness perspective and helping others create a healthy, fulfilling life in all the inside-out, across all aspects of life. Lexie learned that "self-care" means taking inventory of what's truly going on underneath the surface and learning how to confront it with open arms. She has led outdoor-coaching workshops and coached individuals one-on-one, both in-person and online. 
 She enjoys really love to get to know her coaching clients beyond the resume. She wants to know what lights you up, what brings you down, what makes you feel vulnerable and what you actually want your life to look like, not what you think it should look like.
Work with her in one on one coaching sessions to target your mind-body connections and transform to your goal targeted lifestyle.