Joyce Chen Coaching Session

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Joyce Chen is a wanderluster, marketer & storyteller who lives life through the lens of curiosity. Just a few years ago she used to live life through a series of "norms," subscribing to a series of societal "shoulds" & external expectations that others had of her. Then an unexpected major life event shook her, challenged her resilience and left her with what felt like an unsurmountable sadness. As she reflected upon the pain she had to wade through, and look in the mirror to ask myself if she was truly living a life that aligned with a purpose that set her soul on fire. Through self-work, therapy & coaching, she used my pain as the fuel to help re-introduce herself to her true soul. 

Her coaching is visceral and focuses on heart-led compassion, creativity & candor. Expect moments of laughter, endless curiosity & accountability as you work together to break through boundaries and create new goals. 

Joyce focuses on purpose & calling (personal or career), empowerment (self-confidence, overcoming limiting beliefs), and expired relationship recovery (long term relationships, divorce for millennials).

Schedule a one on one session to start your new life discoveries.