Why treating Yourself to a Retreat is Unselfish

By Sylvie Lacourciere

At first blush, booking a yoga retreat or wellness retreat and leaving responsibilities behind can seem like a selfish thing to do. What about my work and home responsibilities? Can I really spare the expense?

Instead of looking at a wellness retreat as a holiday, consider it as an investment in personal growth—an investment in healing. At the very least, taking ourselves out of our habitual environment makes us look at things with new eyes, as we embark on an experience we’ve never had before. Most wellness retreat experiences combine travel with other consciousness expanding experiences like yoga, goal coaching, meditation, and conscious community. These retreats are catalysts for growth: creating the circumstances that expedite healing.

We may think we are alone in our “stuff,” and that our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues are no one else’s business. Yet, the truth is we are each a piece of the whole. Everything is connected. Our negative habits influence those around us. Our wounds determine the way we perceive events in our lives and treat others we come into contact with. We transfer our fears to to others through our outlook and opinions. Our healing is not just about us

The power we have is the power of our own actions. By healing, we are taking control of the part of the collective that we have dominion over—ourselves. Collectively, if each one of us were to do the work it takes to heal, the whole world would be changed.

When we work to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits, we are playing our part in bringing a better world into existence.