Why Belize is the Best Luxury Destination for the Adventure & Wellness Curious

Authentic adventure can be defined in many ways and there are as many opinions on what it means. Personally I like my adventure raw, steeped in my surroundings and changing me to my core. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, is a mantra often repeated in my head. That’s when I find myself on a small skiff trawling jungle rivers, kayaking sea caves, swimming with sharks, and getting lost in the true nature of a destination.

It’s hard to choose a favorite location but inevitably I keep a few best loved spots close to my heart and one of them is Belize. A place charmed with the warmth of a Belizean lifestyle, lively reefs, historical ruins and lush jungles. Worlds of history and modern collide in every corner of Belize with its jaw dropping beaches and ease of English communication increasingly attracting travelers.

Once known as British Honduras, its creole population is proud of its past explorers and continues to celebrate its city of color, music, dance, language, explosive creativity and carnival revelry. Offering luxurious or rustic getaways in the more isolated Cayes where you can dive into marine life and ocean activities.

When I found a private island in Glovers Caye, one of the few atolls this side of the hemisphere I felt like I was looking at a life size azure marble zigzagged with wisps of white, all exemplifying a deserted island fantasy.  This pristine area also has a Marine Reserve and has been named a World Heritage Site. Now part of our 6 day multi-sport wellness retreat on the island. One of the favorites is the 5 mile sea kayak to the Marine Park set with stunning backdrops and plenty of marine life to snorkel with putting any Instagram photo to shame.

And, if you think that’s a spectacular experience, the rest of the retreat has plenty of surprises to hook you on island life and provide you with an incredible mind-body experience. Few retreats provide such a full schedule of coaching, wellness, training, guiding, counseling, fitness, nutrition and beneficial mental and physical challenges. 

Take in your surroundings from the deck of your ocean side bungalow, or grab any one of the available sea sports equipment for your own adventure. Top off your days with incredible kaleidoscope sunsets in the outdoor dining room while sipping a savory craft cocktail, health juice or cold beer. This is a place of no judgement and all adventure.

Working with a location that took the local culture and conservation seriously was always part of the plan and this small resort is a refuge tucked away boasting a pampering feel in a remote destination. A place that has taken precautions to leave the majority of its surroundings unaffected and supports local guides and culture.

Belize, of course, is known for its waters and healing practices and our wellness getaways are no different. No retreat would be complete without a daily dose of yoga and fitness, all part of your targeted fitness consultation by our professionals in this multi-faceted experience.

There are countless reasons travelers from across the globe flock here for sun, adventure and chasing their own wandering souls. Part of Wild Adventure Retreats is hosting individuals in places that evoke a sense of adventure, whether you are a seasoned traveler or an armchair observer. There are always several unique choices to take part in, staying active or simply delving into your own transformation.

Finally, celebrate yourself and the tools you will take away to boost your personal and professional goals. We finalize our retreat with a private boat ride back to Belize City, where we float the river to ancient ruins, participate in a private cultural purification ritual and revel in our final evening with our closing celebration. Tuck into a cozy evening winding down in your hotel or your own preparations for departure. Belize will tempt you back soon, and our coaches are ready to support you in your post retreat needs with many virtual wellness options. Enjoy the best of adventure travel, and the best of yourself. There’s no better way to this beautiful country.

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