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Summer vibes are intoxicating and travel is on the rise. The old Will Smith song Summertime couldn’t have said it better with the lyrics “time to sit back and unwind.” If you’re dreaming of Aegean Seas, Caribbean waters, shark diving or getting down at summer camp for adults (yes it’s a thing) these top ten travel contests offer you a chance to maximize your travel and visit the world for free.  So break out the sunblock, flip flops and full on adventure before the sun sets on the bitter sweet days of summer’s end.


1. Hilton & Resorts World Bimini - 2 Nights Bahamas - Pampering & Beach

Win a complimentary weekend stay at Resorts World Bimini. Want to know how? Head to the newly updated Hilton Miami Downtownlocated in the heart of Miami for Thirsty Thursday each week (4-8 p.m.) for your chance to beat out all others for the win. Challenge your thirsty peers to the Bimini Ring Toss, and possibly walk away with more than a hang over. You could take home an all-inclusive weekend in the Bahamas, just a short 30 minutes from South Florida. Are you ready? Follow the links, it's open until the end of 2018.

2. Wild Adventure Immersion Retreats – 7 Nights Bali - Adventure, Wellness & Coaching

If adventure expeditions are your thing, this is the all inclusive bucket list getaway for you. Let out your wild child in the welcoming jungles and beaches of Bali at Soul Shine.This 7 night getaway provides a full schedule of wellness, yoga, coaching, healthy food, spa, DJ's, top influencers and tours to temples, the monkey jungle, mountain peaks and exhilarating river rafting. This is a one of a kind opportunity to join extraordinary experiences with amazing expert trainers to gain vitality and adventure. Join in for a sacred visit to Bali. Just share links with a friend in social media and use #GoLoveWild every time for your chance to win. Change your heart and soul. You can enter here. Winner announced October 2018.

3. Horizon Charters – 5 Nights Mexico - Shark Cage Diving

Join experts on America's Shark Boat for a stay on a live aboard to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Get up close and personal with Great Whites in this one of a kind shark cage dive. Horizon Charters are the pioneers in shark cage diving at Guadalupe Island along with dive charters to the Channel Islands, to research expeditionsshark film and tv productions. Get past your fears in this marine expedition that will give you an unforgettable opportunity to up close to some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. Just write a 500 character description of why you want to join, and submit it to the Horizon Charter face book here! Good luck. 


4. Artic Exposure – 6 Nights Iceland – Ice Cave Photo Workshop

Looking to walk on ethereal landscapes, capture the Aurora Borealis, and photograph yourself in private ice caves in beautiful Iceland? Artic Exposures is offering a once in a lifetime trip contest with well known photography pros to capture the beauty of this part of the world, and teach you the ways of the Northern Lights. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and cross your fingers to be chosen. Check out contest link here.

5. Dollar Flight Club - Oktoberfest, Norway or Prague for 2 

Has a European vacation been on your dream list? Dollar Fight Club is an email subscription service that helps hundreds of thousands of people save an outrageous amount of money on airfare. It's no surprise that they are offering amazing giveaway's to some of the best European cities. Join in for a chance to visit the playground of history, beauty and photo opp's. Enter your name and email into the sweepstakes to be chosen here. 

6. Camp No Counselors - 6 Days - California with McCauley Culkin

Hey, ever miss summer camp with all those pranks, activities and good ol' outdoor fun? Don't worry the new trend is Camp No Counselors summer camp for adults. Hard to beat right? But you can also spend time with 90's star actor McCauley Culkin during your stay. Just submit a short video, for your chance to join the madness along with archery and zip lining. It's good to be a child again. More details here. Check out video details here. 

7. Matt's Flights - 4 Day's - California with Deepak Chopra

Want to experience a retreat for meditation and healing at the Chopra Center? I don't blame you, this is first hand healing with paid tuition to the Chopra center for Primordial Sound Meditation. A healthy creative session, with inspiring talks from Deepak and other leading experts in mind-body healing Interactive sessions to experience healing first-hand Daily meditation and yoga. Find more on Matt's Flights for your chance to win, and follow Matt and his offer's for some of the best flight deals around. Look no further for your next vacay. Enter now.

8. Kayak - Your Choice - $5000 Towards Your Trip

Leave to one of the biggest travel hub's to offer a prize to the best trip planner. Are the MVP (most valuable planner) of your group? If you think you're the top planner who finds the best deals, creates the best itineraries and takes care of all the details, you deserve a reward. Entering is easy, find the KAYAK video post on their Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #MVPlannerContest. Share the KAYAK video post, tag someone you think is the ultimate MVP and include the #MVPlannerContest hashtag. The winner will receive $5,000 towards their next group vacation: Open until September 28th, 2018.


 9. Venture Road - 5 Weeks Immersion - Mexico or Other

Venture Roads is a place where intrepid travelers share their world experiences. Ready to take a 5 week immersion trip to Mexico or another spot of your choice?This destination trip is a chance to create a difference and connect to your location. Simply fill out the contest form here for your chance to join. Trip includes 5 weeks of immersion, transportation, meals, lodging and tours. Plus just by sharing the contest you receive a $200 discount to your next Venture Road trip. I'd say that's worth it.  












10. Hotels By Day - Choose Your Location Hotel Day Stays

Love day stays and saving money? Get more cash back on your next hotel stays with Hotels by Day and their new instagram contest. Grab some friends, follow Hotels by Day, and tag them on their contests. It's that simple to earn and win. For each tag you receive 1% off your next stay. Tag 100 friends, earn 100% off, that's right, free. There's no limit, so get started and check out other travel and hotel day stay options with Hotels by Day, a unique concept that allows you to enjoy, visit, and utilize all the hotel amenities by day, without the cost of an overnight. Ready to tag? Start here.